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Jenn Tisdale 2-01Jenn Tisdale does stand-up comedy mostly in and around the Baltimore-D.C. area, but comedy and improv have taken her many places, including a Los Angeles show where she met Rue McClanahan.

On the question of Ghostbusters or Goonies, Jenn picks Ghostbusters because it “delivers more laughs, hands down.” Also, if marrying a “fictional film character that wasn‚Äôt Marty McFly, I would choose Dr. Peter Venkman.”

Her Twitter feed is worth a follow, with gems like:

I really like palindromes, but I mostly just like Xanax.

I call all of your kids’ school photos “Kidnapper Chic.”

More things Jenn has said:

True story, I once met Rue McClanahan (who played Blanche Devereaux) at a Groundlings show in Los Angeles. I was so overcome with joy that I hug/cried on her for five minutes. I think we both got a lot out of that meeting.

I think the real popularity happening with stand-up is the idea that more people, and I’m referring to non-comics, understand comedy. You find more folks at shows that are willing to take this bizarre journey with you, and they understand it. You can go out on a limb and take risks with the knowledge that it will be well-received more often than not. For that reason, I’m excited about doing stand-up now.

More recently, she’s appeared in pornography with James Deen. Here’s a NSFW preview.

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